Waste board resurfacing, how does everyone do it?

Today I was working on CNC Milling the wooden parts of my Klein Twin Turbo Vise and since I knew my Waste board was kinda “meh” regarding how level it is I went ahead and propped the raw stock for the Vise onto four pieces of 8mm MDF and just quickly levelled those before continuing with the actual parts for the Vise - Great success!

But it showed me that there’s a disparity of up to 1.5mm in the board itself so something needs to be done about this which brings me to my actual question of how to approach it with the X-Carve not being able to reach the entirety of the surface thus resulting in a crater with a ridge around it which I quite honestly find rather inconvenient as it would prevent me from installing stock that is larger than that pocket.

The idea I’m currently monologuing about would be to remove the Waste Board from the X-Carve and remove like 3mm of material of the outskirts the X-Carve cannot reach itself with the Board Installed thus making it ever so slightly shallower than necessary, mount the board back in and do the actual 2mm deep resurfacing thus creating a more desirable, about 1mm high, plateau instead of a 2mm deep crater.


Oh yea… With today’s Project I also started using Pin-Nails ( Makita DPT353 ) to secure my Stock ( and the MDF risers ) to the Waste Board - Such a blessing to work with!

I use a 3/4" MDF at 31" square secured over the top of my Xcarve waste board. Then use a 3/4" surfacing bit to cut a large square at about .01". If I need to, I go another .01" deeper, etc. Keep going till you get what you want.

I also add a little deeper area for the X/Y corner cutout at 0,0.


I level mine using screws that fit in the clamp holes. With a hacksaw, I cut the heads off and cut a flathead groove in the top of the screw. Put them in where there are low spots to raise the board that mm its off. Downside is, I have a few clamp holes that I can’t use for clamping, but this method has been working for me. I also never cut through my wasteboard. If its something I need to cut through, ill double my stock with scrap plywood.

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