Waste board size?


My X-carve arrived today and I’m really looking forward to starting the assembly tomorrow.

I ordered my 1000mm x-carve without the waste board because the price of shipping it to Hawaii was extreme.

Can anybody tell me the dimensions of the waste board so I can get one cut?



I plan on cutting my own too to save some money on shipping. I have so far collected the following links for when my kit comes. One of them has some links to the drawing file with all the dimensions you’ll need.

According to their drawing it is 998 mm x 940 mm.

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I just made mine. It’s exactly 37 1/4" x 39 5/16"

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Awesome. Thank you all for your replies!

I’m assuming 3/4 MDF is my best bet?

mine is 36"x38.75" could have made it smaller. theres a good 5" on the far side that will never see a cut

Yes, the 1000 mm was 3/4" MDF. The 500 mm got 1/2" I think.