Waste Board Support

X-Carve 1000mm. Waste Board Support. List of items needed? Looks like they are cut to fit so no cutting extrusion rods. Do they need to be tapped? How many would you recommend to give solid support? 3 or 4. Are they lined up with system, or do you need to level?

If you order the 1000mm rail kit it comes with the extrusions to support the machine. You are welcome to add more if you wish for increased support.

You don’t need to tap them you affix them with angle brackets and Tnuts.

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On the 1000mm the rail kit includes 6 extrusions for under the machine… 4 around the edges and 2 across under the board. The angle brackets and T-nuts that @Zach_Kaplan mentioned do a great job of holding it all together and helping with squareness… plus no tapping. :smile:

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