Waste board

I want to make my own waste board. I have the pdf from iventables, it states 940mm x 998 mm. I watched a video on YouTube of someone making one they used measurements of 37 1/4 x 39 5/16, these measurements are a little shorter than the pdf calls for. Is that to make it easier to install or should I go with the pdf measurement?

I built mine exactly as the pdf shows and it worked great. Just watch there is a measurement that is to the side of a hole not the centreline which could throw you off if you weren’t paying attention.

P.S. I should mention I didn’t follow 100% I didn’t put the slotted hole around the edge, rather I just put regular holes and it seemed to work just fine.

I too made my spoil board according to the PDF i.e. 940x998 measurement and it fits just fine.
I did route out the slotted holes around the edge but for the next spoil board, I’ll just drill holes as @Rusty has.

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Thanks Guys