Wasteboard 30703-03

Hey guys,

I feel like I just made my first rookie mistake. I purchased this wasteboard thinking I just scored a heck of a deal, and found that it’s without the t-tracks. Is this the only difference other than the modular set up?

So I can still use it on my recently purchased X-carve, I guess is what I’m asking?


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The modular kit also includes a bunch of aluminum extrusions, 90 degree brackets, the tnuts, and screws needed to install the extrusions, since the modular top is a bit less rigid, being multiple pieces, and since the t tracks need a point of attachment, the additional extrusions are a mush have…

Thanks Seth, I purchased those as well as recommended by Support. I wasn’t clear with my question, apologies. The wasteboard that I picked up was the previous, non-modular wasteboard. Where I was getting confused was, when you click on the installation links, it takes you to the Shapoko page, and the pictures were greyed out, so I felt like I had an obsolete part and questioned how to make it fit with my new setup.

The solution here is to click the installation link for PRE November 2021 purchases to put the previous wasteboard together. Once assembled, you can continue with the POST November 2021 purchase installation plan.

Thus, the user can save a few bucks by ordering the “Build Your Own kit”, along with the previous wasteboard kit, as I did.

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