3.5 hours,169 holes,160 threaded 1/4x20 wood inserts, tired hands…she is done…tomorrow I will laser engrave my logo in the middle and polyurethane


I don’t see the holes on the side for securing it to the X-Carve…

I was going to put it on there and mark where to drill…I am hoping that will be the easy part…thanks for looking out

Very nice!
That was a lot of work to layout and drill.
I am planning on making my own waste board to save on shipping and I am not looking forward to drilling all those holes…

You know, there should be some way to get the X-Carve to make it’s own waste board.
Get a blank board mounted and squared up then run a project to drill the holes (using a drill bit?) and maybe a second project to engrave a grid?

I need to think about this before I have to drill 160 holes :smile:

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I did that for my secondary board


I’m absolutely planning to mill my secondary waste board. Poor @VexFX has had lots of issues with leveling his X-Carve, and after seeing his troubles I’ve been making plans to design a pattern that will allow me to put an 1/8" sheet f hard wood or plastic on top of the X-Carve wasteboard (because the X-Carve uses the wasteboard for some rigidity) and mill out holes that match the existing holes so I can fasten the two together. Then I’m also planning to engrave a grid.

Does the X-Carve wasteboard come with threaded holes? If so, what thread? 1/4-20?

They are m6 metrics 1/4 20 would be better but oh well

I just used 3/4 mdf I cut into it alot!

The easy part was drilling…laying out and putting the threaded inserts in is what took long