Wasteboard cutter recommendations

I’m looking for recommendations for a good wasteboard cutter. Links to buy what I need would be appreciated.

I just made a new one for my XC1000. Go to Lowe’s and have them cut a 4’x8’ of MDF in to two 37" x39" squares. I then run the XC to cut holes every 2"x2" (5/16). I then use inserts that are 1/4" threads…

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I use this guy. http://www.amazon.com/Amana-Tool-45226-Straight-Diameter/dp/B000P4NUQC?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage

It’s nice because it can plunge in addition to being 1/2" in diameter for time savings but working in a 1/4" chuck.

Thanks. So, any straight router bit should be ok? I have a 1/2" and a 3/4".

why wouldnt it be?

Don’t know. I’ve seen wasteboard cutters mentioned a lot of times on the forum but didn’t know if they were a specific type or not.

Well, hold on now… some of the bits I have seen are not designed to plunge. They are designed for side cutting, like on a router table. The one linked above is designed to plunge. The standard side-cutting type can probably be used with a ramped plunge, but I don’t even know if that is possible with Easel (never used Easel).

Thanks @Earwigger . That’s exactly the type of info I was looking for. I’ll give the one from your link above a try.