Wasteboard Flattening

Quick question. I’ve finally gotten around to flattening my wasteboard but now I need to figure out a way to lower the front and back portion of the wasteboard where I can’t cut so I can do tiling. Any ideas or suggestions on how others have accomplished this?

Dang it, that’s exactly what I should have done!

Yeah I ended up doing just that.

Hey where is a good place to get that track shown in the photo there?

My next project. Can you open a thread describing what was needed and what it took? Like any special t nuts or screws etc.

WHen I flatten my WB I get the same thing, but structural integrity is not an issue as I have my WB(and machine) fastened directly to the work table. When I get the flattening done I use a hand plane to knock down the edges. Since they are outside the work area, as long as they are below the machined area, it doesnt matter if they are truly flat.

When I did mine I dogboned the corner.

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