Wasteboard height

I received my X-Carve the same week I received my cancer diagnosis, so it has taken me a while to get started. Hopefully I can build the table for it this week and finally start assembling my X-Carve. My question is about my table height. I plan to have my wasteboard double as an outfeed table for my table saw so exact height is critical. What is the distance from the bottom of the X-Carve to the surface of the wasteboard? Thanks!

You should build the unit, measure, then build the table. MDF will vary between manufacturers, but to answer the question anyway, you’re looking at roughly 39 mm, or 1 17/32". The extrusion is 20mm and MDF is 3/4, or 19mm.

Not sure how or why you’d want the wasteboard to be your table saw outfeed table? Gotta explain to me how that works as you’d only have 34" of working space between the y-axis’.

Thanks. I’m just trying to save a little space in my shop. I use my table saw mainly for stock that’s narrow enough to fit between the rails. I might decide I don’t like it but I won’t have lost anything by building it to that height. I plan on putting locking heavy duty casters on the table so moving it out of the way when needed won’t be a problem.

Thanks again for the info.

Well, here are a few ideas for you to utilize the table saw better.

  1. Consider building the x-carve underneath the outfeed table. I’ve seen plenty of people build these on the floor or below desks.

  2. Build the X- Carve and bolt ot down to a sheet of MDF (or quality/flat plywood) that can be put on top of the outfeed table when in use, or below when not. My X-Controller and Y-Axis drag chain are screwed into my table top, and my wasteboard is screwed to supports underneath amd between the frame, which basically secures the unit to the top. I could turn my table upside down and nothing would move.

  3. Build the X-Carve on a shorter table below the outfeed table height, but leave the top open. You could build a u-shaped frame around it so you still have access from the front and top no problem. Now you have a place to put a lid on when you want an outfeed table.

Either way, good luck on the project!

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Thanks Jason. You’re probably right about not using the wasteboard as an outfeed table. You provided some good ideas. Building it lower than I am able to use while standing probably wouldn’t work for me with my current health condition but I really like your idea of building it a little lower and leaving room to put an outfeed surface above. Like many new things, I probably won’t have a clear idea of what I want until I have had a chance to use my X-Carve for a while. With that in mind, I’m thinking about building a table with as small a footprint as possible for now with the idea of replacing the table later if desired. Thanks again.