Wasteboard Hole spacing

Anyone have the hole spacing for the 1000x1000mm wasteboard shared on easel? I’m trying to do a 2 sided machining project and would love to have a file for it. I keep running into trouble trying to get the holes perfect. Thanks in advance.


I used that, had some problems scaling it… Was hoping to find something in easel already… Thanks

Here is the Easel file I created. It worked pretty well, with the accuracy of my machine at the time.

Just copy and paste the object to your own Easel project, please.


Thanks a lot! This is great

I would just double check that the holes are 75mm apart. I’ve had other people use the project since I created it and they could have messed with it.

It’s not hard to make, but I do wish I could use the Replicator app in Easel, that would make it a cinch, but since the App won’t take mm measurements it’s not accurate enough.

Thank You Joseph!! Exactly what i was looking for! Just saved me a lot of time not having to measure the hole spacing myself and experimenting.

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I’ll tell you from experience that if you use the replicator app, you need space it 75-holewidth mm apart (e.g., 65mm apart if 10mm holes). I may have accidentally done that with my nice new wasteboard and added a few extra “design elements”… :frowning:

That’s right, Robert, I had forgotten that the interval generated by the app is from the right outside of the first object to the left outside of the second. You would think it would be center to center, or at least I would think that. It’s not always that important but with this it can really mess you up.

However, this project I created I had done the old fashioned way 75mm, 150mm, 225mm… and so on.

Thanks for the reminder I need to keep that in mind for other projects.

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Is this the standard spacing across all waste boards? (if you know)
I have a 750 mm board and want to make sure.


Yes, all the holes are spaced the same on each machine. Each hole is 6.25mm and 75mm on center.

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great, thank you

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