Water Cooled Spindle in winter

Looking for suggestions on what to use in the 0.8kW wanter cooled spindle out in the garage for winter. I was using distilled water but now with the temps about to drop soon need to find something else to use. Anyone know if an auto antifreeze 50/50 mixture safe to use?

We use to use antifreeze in our rail drills on winter and they put off some nasty steam. Sweet tasting but nasty. Probably not good for you. We use windshield washer fluid now.

Yes - windshield washer fluid is perfect - it also prevents the spindle from corroding.

Any dilution on the washer fluid? I’ll have to go pick up some below zero stuff, The jug I have now is just good to 32F. LOL!

You can dilute - but the stuff is so cheap and you need so little of it I’d just take it as it is.

Thanks. Yeah was not considering the cost in the question of diluting it, more of if it was going to be too strong and do anything to the spindle, pump or radiator at full strength.

And in the spring any leftover just put in your ride, so no storage.

It will not harm your spindle - it is even much better than distilled water because it usually contains corrosion inhibitors.
You also don’t need to change it - it will not get bad (unless your cooling system is open and gets contaminated with dirt from the outside).

You might consider putting a lid on the bucket or tank to keep dirt and debris out.

I run a closed system for that exact reason. I have a large 240mm computer radiator thats a bit overkill as I have never noticed the water getting warm so needless to say the two 120mm fans are still not installed.