Water cooling X-controller

Hello everyone,

Last night I was thinking about the dust inside my X-controller. My first idea to prevent this is to place a small filter in front of my fan.
A second thought was to install a water cooling… this means no more air inside so also no more dust inside.
Is there anyone who already has done this? if you did this could you please send some photo’s.

Greetings from belgium

if you use water cooling you could use the heat pipe type.
I have one of these on my computer and you can place the cooling fan and radiator outside so if it gets dust you just blow it out and none gets on the controller.
I would go the route of using a heat exchanger of this type as they are efficient.
Something like this would be great. Just have to find one you can adapt to the X-controller.



do not get the oil compressors. They are LOUD and require too much maintenance.
Get one of the other ones that are oil free.

I agree I’d much rather spent the money on bits and supplies. You’d be better off relocating the controller into a dust free cabinet or just spend the extra 5 minutes to blow out the controller with air every now and then.

When I built my table I added a cabinet. Bought a cheap temperature probe and 2 cheap 120mm fans. When the cabinet reaches a certain temp it kicks on a relay that activated the fans. Keeps my controller and pc nice and cool and keeps the dust away