Wavy angle cut

When cutting a letter M my angle cut are wavy. Anybody can help me please?Thanks in advance

ha ha tanks Robert it’s hard for me to write in English but i dont not understand (be a solid and ship shape machine :unamused: it when i do a cut in circle or angle i have this problem thank you for your precious time it is aprecie

“Chatter” lots of things can cause it.
The stiffer the machine the better, so as always check your wheels, belts and pulleys.
Make sure your bit is nice and sharp. If it is a old bit it may be worth it to replace it.

“Chatter” can be odd, the bit is “vibrating” so anything you do to change the resonant frequency of the bit will change it. There are lots of things to try.

Using a shorter bit will help, or pushing it up higher into the collet so that less of it stick out. Even a little bit of length can make a big difference.

What RPM are you using? Changing it may help. (faster or slower). Although with the X carve leaving it on the lowest RPM setting seems to work best.

You can try changing your depth of cut. A good starting depth is 1/2 of the bit diameter. But if that is giving you problems you can try reducing it and see what happens.

You can always just “cut slower” but if there is something else casing the problem it would be best to fix that first.

thank you for wour help really nice from you all
i do the test and get back to you :+1: