Wavy lines in etching

I’m having a problem with some of my lines being wavy. I’m not sure if its a problem with something moving on the xcarve or if its acrylic sticking to the bit or something else all together. I see some of it on the bigger letters but it is by far worse on the small letters at the bottom. I have added stiffening panels of the y axis and i have an upgraded z axis. My xcarve is a later version with the single piece x gantry. I wouldn’t think I should have that much give in my settup. And advice you guys could give would be awesome. Thanks.

that is pretty weird. I’m thinking you might want to check your v-wheel tension. Especially on your Z axis

OK, Thanks. I’ll give that a try this evening.

Also, check to make sure your z axis carriage is screwed down tight. Just grab it and move it, see if it feels loose to you. I remember about a year ago I stepped away from my X-carve (one of the only times I’ve done this) and the router literally fell off the z axis carriage and dropped onto the work piece. It carved a very convincing phallus to spite me.