We’ve all been here

Rush order, But a relaxing end to Friday


Did you paint the board first?

I assume that is a mask you have on the board and you will be painting the carve.
Please share the finished project.

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Hey Zach,

No it is Avery sf100, on signs this big we generally don’t use the mask but this is a rush so can’t afford any problems and it does make it easier to clean up after.

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Yes Avery sf100.
Sure Will post when it is finished.

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Cool do you mask, carve, paint, then peel the mask?

Yes exactly.

Here is a picture after painting. Debbie is just about to peel the mask off.


Looks great!


Mask is a must on these ones.

They are painted masked, Carved, painted and peeled



As requested here is the finished sign.



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Wow. That is really nice looking. It was very cool to see the whole process. Thanks for sharing.

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Looks like it’s going to last until 3018!

great job man.

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Thank you!

Thanks so much!

just for clarity, are you a guy or a girl? :wink:

Husband and wife team on one account.

I started 8th Line Creations and after about a year Steve quit his job to work with me, got to busy to do it by myself. So yes a husband and wife team :blush:

that’s awesome.

if you can stand being together ALL the time :see_no_evil::joy: