Web Based CNC Design, Slicing, & Control (Raspberry Pi & Chromebook)

Here is what I am working with to get an entirely Web based solution working that runs on a raspberry pi and can be accessed from a chromebook or smart phone.
I wanted to have a reliable setup for my X-Carve so that I would not have to worry about things like windows updates, power saver nap… or other complexities killing a project.
I also wanted to be able to use low cost hardware in my shop that if damaged would be easy, cheap, and quick to replace.

Here are the solutions I am playing with right now.
I have a Raspberry Pi 3, it is worlds faster than the Raspberry Pi 2 that I have used, get the Pi 3.



  • Kiri:Moto (3D STL to G-Code, does simple meshing, love it!)
  • jsCut (SVG to G-Code)


I currently have CNC.js & serial-port-json-server installed on my Raspberry Pi 3.
Gives me the flexability to use chilipeppr.com/grbl or CNC.js with the raspberry pi controlling everything.
CNC.js is more reliable by design because everything is cached to the PI, where as chilipeppr.com/grbl streams to serial-port-json-server.


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OH! cnc.js looks awesome, thanks for the tip.

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