WebGL / MacBook5,1 (2008) / El Capitan

I am awaiting delivery of my x-carve machine, and preparing its home. I was hoping to utilize a spare macbook that I already had, a 2008 macbook5,1 model, to run easel, but apparently mac os 10.11.6 doesn’t support webgl. I can’t upgrade beyond El Capitan on that macbook model, and since the graphics drivers are embedded in mac os, I think I am borked.

Can anyone offer a path to success, or confirm that I need to find another system to utilize? I could install Linux on the macbook, but I suspect that is another can of worms. New system time?

  • Michael

If I am willing to forgo 3d-previews, can easel still talk to the g-code driver without issue? If so, I might be able to live with that. I can do the major design work on another system which supports webgl.

  • Michael

If you are going to use Easel you can do your design work on any computer that works with Easel, then export the G-code to the less capable machine to send the G-code to your Xcarve.

BTW - The G-code file is just a plain text file. There are several programs that can send it to the Xcarve.

Thanks Larry - I can live with that. And at some point when I upgrade my main MacBook I can play hand-me-down and push a better machine to the X-Carve station.