Wedding cake knife

Simple but very popular project for weddings. I usually use 1/4 stock for the scales and blades. I cut the scales from a different species to give some good contrast. Pinning the scales is optional, you can just glue them on, but i like adding the dowels for more detail. I cut, glue everything up, then sharpen and shape on the belt and spindle sander.
Adding the name of the couple is really nice too, i usually laser that on but could be vcarved in as well


nice project thanks for sharing


No prob, if you make it and need any insight or pointers let me know


@JohnathanBranson … How much do you charge for these? While I may be able to do this on my X-Carve, I simply do not have the time to make just 1 at the moment for my daughter’s wedding coming up in mid-August.

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