Wedding keeping me busy

So along with the wedding table names I’ve done another post about I’ve also got a cupcake stand, a wooden crate and a light up acyrlic stand to do for another wedding.

The cup cake stand is almost done, just some finish to apply.

The crates should also be easy, for quickness i’m going to buy one from Ikea for £5.00 and then just nock it apart and engrave one end and put it back together. As i’ve still not finished setting up my new workshop i don’t have many tools unpacked yet which is slowing things down. I’m trying to do all this whilst building work is still going on.

Anyway, so its just the light up sign for the bar which i can’t decide if i should V carve using F engrave or just use a straight bit on Easel. This is what i’ll be carving

I’ve not actually done one of these acyrlic light up signs before so i’m not sure what works best. I’ll be making a wooden base to house the LEDs and the sign will be the same size as a A4 Sheet of paper. What would people recommend?



Is it just me or do those wine glasses look like bearded faces?


Cast acrylic mills the best. As for a base, search the site and you will see what other people have done.

Glad that is obvious. :smile:

Its for my brother Ben and his wife to be Lucy, its going on the bar at the wedding. My brother has a beard and Lucy likes bubbly. So we designed up this logo for there bar “Belucy’s” :stuck_out_tongue:


LoL, glad that it was intentional.

I can’t get F engrave to do what i want it to. It keeps wanting to cut the out line of my image rather than clear all of the material. i’m not sure why.

Reverse Normals? I remember I had to check that for something of mine.

If it’s for the edge lit sign, you should be able to just do it as a pocket.