Weird artifacts

Hey guys, I don’t know which part to replace, I’ve tried everything and still having issues with flat finishes.

So I have replaced my Z rod, I have tighened all the belts, cleaned all the rollers, made sure all the rollers are making good contact.

Sorry not good with the axises but when its going forward and backwards its fine, it doesn’t leave them. It only creates these when going cross left and right.

It looks like the bit just doesn’t sit straight and seems to get worse, it also jumpy when I go left and right, like it studders, even on no load just using my arrows with no material its jumpy.

Left and right is angled and jumpy…

You can see the artifacts in this video:

It looks terrible, and when carving out boxes or flattening a surface it just means so much freaking sanding! It also means when i cut something out with any size bit it leaves layer artifacts on the sides which is more sanding… I have seen so many machines not do this…

But mine has one it since the day I set it up, so clearly what ever is wrong was faulty but i donno what to replace…

Seems like you might have your X axis rotated and your spindle isn’t square to the board.

If you need to rotate the axis, use the hole slip in the X axis mounting holes and fix any twist there.

Hey Justin, thanks for trying to help, what do you mean x axis is rotated? and what is a hole slip?

im not the smartest in terms of terminology, i had to follow the setup instructions super closely for example.

I donno, it’s always been the same and I have disassembled it a few times for cleaning and put back and it always seems to be there, i feel like something is bent or needs replacing.

I’m guessing @JustinBusby meant to type “slop”. Basically, you can loosen the screws and try to rotate the twist out of your X-axis. You can also try using shims to get it square.
Check this thread (among others):

You need to tram your machine, search traming or tram lots of threads on it.

I’ve just done the same fix with mine It was out of square a fair amount. Now it’s sweet as.

Yes I meant slop.

Follow the linked thread for detailed info.