Weird cuts

Hi, my xcarve is skipping some parts shouldn’t skip, even letters created on Easel. Isn’t the belt because I did a big picture before the letters and I did another one after and was 1/4 of the picture messed up again… if it was the belt should mess everything not just a specific part.

Also the machine is creating little holes before cut straight, and that is horrible results sometimes

Reasonable to show you this result may be that you did not pay attention to the result after your sales design FD is greater than the position of deciding the course of the spindle here shows you … dots must be a pregnant screen for two screens show you score

Hey Joel, Here’s my evaluation of the issues. If you could share any of the Easel Projects that would be really helpful on 3 of them. . .

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Thank you for your attetion

About the A letter, was a 60 V bit used, carved very nice then when finish to carve, the machine came back to the A and M and did “dots” on the corners, thats why messed up. but I dont know why did that

The last picture was a 60 V bit for detailed carving, the machine should make lines not dots, but started to do dots and after that came doing the lines one that lol (is the same project I sent you) castle thing specificly

about the shallow letters, I didnt used V bit, I tried to make the process with 1/8 straight downcut

@Ben-Saks this toolpath isn’t right. . . something wrong with the toolpath and it doesn’t even match the sim. just a heads up if you wanted to take a look.

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Hey I really appreciate your effort to help me, honestly I never check that toolpath, I just take a vector, work on that and then import to the easel, the easel always split the draws and sometimes make it bad, but mostly do good, and I just work with planned s4s pieces so some of defectives i can’t understand well.

is there a way to work the toolpath?
I mean manage that to stop the lot of up and down movement?
I’m quite bad to explain my point.

do you have a suggestion to me to learn better how it’s work?

I was trying to use the Aspire software, many more options to use there, still learning to see if will works better

Thank you again

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The only solution to the bad toolpaths i found is to move the knight over to its own workpiece (the bottom panel) and carve it seperately after the other stuff us complete.
If you split them into 2 carves then the top part and the castle do carve correctly.

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