Weird Easel toolpath choices

Running a job in Easel at the moment. Two circular fills, full Depth a couple cm apart.

For some wierd reason Easel insists on doing a couple passes in one circle, then hop over to the other and do a couple passes there… Then rinse and repeat. Lots of time wasted on motion between the two…

What gives?

Inventables is working on making the toolpath more efficient

Thanx Allen. I must have missed that thread.

Is there anything behind the two circular fills? Something that might connect them a 1 object?

The depth first feature only works for separate objects, so if they are grouped, or overlapped by something else even if it is a white object behind them, then they will be treated as a single object.

@sketch42 That’s probably it.

There is a white object behind them - but with holes matching the circular fill objects. Probably there is a microscopic overlap somewhere in the drawing that messes things up.