Weird gcode export

Please, we have been using Easel for a long time.
We love Easel. We love to pay Easel.
We have spread the world about Easel.
But this is not a normal gcode for a rectangle.
What’s wrong on exporting.
I swear we have only drawn a simple cutout rectangle.
Please, help us.

This is the Gcode and I’ve attached a screenshot at the bottom

M3 S14000
G1 Z3.810 F228.6
G0 X710.079 Y6.001
G1 Z-1.200 F400.0
G1 X710.705 Y6.062 F1000.0
G1 X711.890 Y6.475 F1000.0
G1 X712.420 Y6.815 F1000.0
G1 X713.287 Y7.721 F1000.0
G1 X713.605 Y8.265 F1000.0
G1 X713.964 Y9.467 F1000.0
G1 X713.999 Y1060.079 F1000.0
G1 X713.938 Y1060.705 F1000.0
G1 X713.525 Y1061.889 F1000.0
G1 X713.185 Y1062.420 F1000.0
G1 X712.279 Y1063.287 F1000.0
G1 X711.735 Y1063.604 F1000.0
G1 X710.533 Y1063.964 F1000.0
G1 X9.921 Y1063.999 F1000.0
G1 X9.295 Y1063.937 F1000.0
G1 X8.110 Y1063.525 F1000.0
G1 X7.580 Y1063.185 F1000.0
G1 X6.713 Y1062.279 F1000.0
G1 X6.396 Y1061.734 F1000.0
G1 X6.036 Y1060.533 F1000.0
G1 X6.001 Y9.921 F1000.0
G1 X6.062 Y9.295 F1000.0
G1 X6.475 Y8.110 F1000.0
G1 X6.815 Y7.580 F1000.0
G1 X7.721 Y6.713 F1000.0
G1 X8.265 Y6.396 F1000.0
G1 X9.467 Y6.036 F1000.0
G1 X710.079 Y6.001 F1000.0
G1 Z3.810 F400.0
G0 X0.000 Y0.000
G4 P0.1

Are you talking about the radius in the corners?

In my opinion, for a rectangle/square four stings of code movement are enough, like:

G01 X6 Y1064 F1000
G01 X714 Y1064 F1000
G01 X714 Y6 F1000
G01 X6 Y6 F1000

move up, left, down, right (or wherever)

Instead Easel generate six line for each movement and coordinates change along the travel.
I hope it can be understandable.

Easel is adding a radius to the corners…I don’t know why.

ok, grazie!

For a square outside corner the radius shown will still give the desires results. As I recall reading somewhere that is the preferred path. The machine works best if sudden changes in direction are avoided.

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