Weird Homing Issue

THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED _ See below (Martin McCleary) for solution to problem if you are having same question)

A) ALL motors are jogging in correct direction.
B) Z homes fine (up) but X/Y going in wrong direction (right/back instead of left/forword)

Equipment: X-Controller w/home built machine using Picsender and/or UGS

Thanks in advance for any help.

You probably should check the motor drive wires on you X/Y axes. You probably have them reversed. That would cause the motor to operate in reverse and give you want you are seeing.

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Sounds like you need to change $23. See the chart and figure out which number you need to change the current setting to so you get the homing movements you need. The chart is located between $2 and $3 on the first page of the link below.

GRBL_Settings_Pocket_Guide_Rev_B.pdf (


To view your settings you type $$ in the command line. To change a setting you type $= (pick one of the numbers 0-7 )and hit enter.


Thank you for your advice. However, I’m not sure how this would work since (as mentioned in original post) all motors are jogging in correct directions. It’s only when “homing” the machine that this happens.

Thanks! I changed it to $23=3 and all is well. I just thought that if I changed that setting that it would also reverse the z direction and then I would have the same problem in reverse (grin). Didn’t happen thankfully.

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