Weird Z problem

My Z is acting up. When the Z goes to the top it gets too tight and skips steps. If i set the v wheels correctly when the z is all the way up its way too loose when it goes down and if i set it with the z all the way down its too tight to move at the top. Also no matter the v wheel setting the z belt is tighter when the z is at its lowest and looser when it gets closer to the top. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but in the past the bearing at the top of the z in the plate came apart and inventables sent me a new one.

Any Ideas?

Yeah, that’s why I’m hanging on to those vintage Levi’s 501 Button Fly Blues. :wink:

That will happen when the acme rod is not parallel with the extrusion which will accentuate itself the higher the nut rides on the rod. You may need to try and check spacing on the vwheel spacers or look at moving the top plate to align the rod.

You may loosen the Delrin ACME block, don’t seat it tight - just enough for it not to move.