Well, Blow Me Down

I carved this for my adult son. He hates spinach. I hope he likes this.


Can you describe the frame construction?

Not really a frame at all. Just Walnut strips, thicker than the carving with dados cut into them to allow them to slip over the plaque. 40 degree cuts on each end with a 45 degree chamfer routed around the top perimeter. They are simply glued to the carving. The bolts are purely decorative. Regular old bolts painted a brassy color, and pushed into a snug hole. Not even glued.


Simple, but I like it.


Ya, I like the ‘frame’ trim also. Good idea!

Excellent work. When you give it to your son, don’t forget the can of spinach.

Thank you. He’s a right strong lad. He could probably squeeze the can and pop it open just like Popeye!