Well crap... I'm thinking brushes

My DeWalt was running fine last night when it shutdown. On my first carve today, there was a click and silence. I had to dive to the abort button as the not-spinning bit was lowered to the wood. I tried it again… there is a click, the LED light at the bottom comes on and nothing. Nothing on a normal plug so I’m thinking my brushes are gone? I bought some a few months ago in case this happened. Will have to dig in and check it out. It’s probably about time for a new set. I know I must have 100+ hours of run time on that bad-boy.

If you’re running higher then dial 3, it is more likely brushes. Dewalt can’t work on high speed very long time. Factory giving certain hours warranty for hand use, for short work cycle. We’re using it as an spindle and running long time. You may want to search this forum for brush replacement and purchase info.

I already ordered the brushes a few months ago. I just need to figure out how to replace them. I took the top off and it’s not readily apparent. lol

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Use search option. Lots of video or picture infos.


thanks. Got em replaced. They were worn down to the nub. I’m glad I had them in stock already. When I turned it on, it sounded a bit gravelly, but I think I heard others say the same thing. Doesn’t it get a bit better as the graphite starts to mold into shape?

I got the 4-pack from Amazon back in November. I’ll be going to a real VDF (or whatever) spindle when these are used.

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