Well Done Inventables Team

I built my X-carve 1000 x 1000 with X-controller Jan 17 and from day one the machine worked A1 even without any fine tuning. A couple of weeks ago it started to play up
Issues with Y1 motor . I initially thought it was the motor and replaced it but the problem didn’t go away. I then suspected the Driver Board was the problem. I contacted Inventables (25/06/17)and Griffin (26/06/17) confirmed that the driver board was possibly the issue.
Today I get a email (28/06/17) to say the replacement board is on it’s way
UPS tracking no estimates I should receive 04/07/17
Well Done Inventables


You got an email in may? Are you a time-travelller?



typo :confounded:

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Hi @MickZebra thanks for the shout out. We appreciate the positive feedback!