Well that sucked

A while ago, while cleaning up my workspace after working the drill-press, I accidentally let the nozzle of my dust collection system touch a piece of clothing causing my Collection Bin to implode from the vacuum leaving me with an unsatisfying lump of sadness:

Yesterday I finished CAD/CAM/CNCing a support “Ribcage” out of 16mm MDF for a new barrel:

3D Model done in Autodesk Fusion 360:

All systems back to nominal:


That’s the coolest looking bucket stiffener I’ve ever seen!


I don’t even have a bucket and I want one. Awesome job


So if the ends of the barrel have reduced diameter how do you install the insert?

High-grade lubrication oil and a little bit of:

Just kidding…
The whole thing was preassembled into 6 sections consisting of a vertical piece and three horizontal ones which have then be inserted one after the other and attached to the already inserted ones using a bunch of screws - Kinda a pain in the assembly but wouldn’t have fit otherwise - Couldn’t even get 2 sections in at once so I kinda lucked out on being lazy and doing it in 6…

Did some milling again today and already saw the new bucket starting to get out of shape again after a while but getting held back in shape by the frame =)

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Wow, impressive. I’m always amazed at the solutions people find using their CNC!

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