We're close to finishing our Paradise Box

I’m really happy with how this project came out so far. It’s Rainbow Poplar, and has an 8 inch, 105° piano hinge that will be installed for the box top to open. I’m thinking the next one should have designs on the right and left side as well. I’m not looking forward to sanding the inside of the designs, I’m thinking steal wool for the most part. I used a 60° 1/2 vbit for the most part.


Looks real nice. I like the design you have in it.

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Really nice.

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Looks good!

I’ve had good luck with using one of these for sanding that hard to reach areas:


I get Rainbow Poplar locally at C.R. Muterspaw near Xenia, Ohio. They sell slabs of it in 14ft long sections and I mill them down for signs, or boxes like I’ve posted. They have a website, and lots of slabs.

Oh, that’s a good idea! Thanks for sharing that!

Very nice, those Vectric’s projects are well documented and files are easy to follow. Contrasting woods for the ends really makes the craving details pop.
How will you finish it?
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! That’s a good point! I may do it out of Maple and Walnut for the video I plan to make.

I plan on finishing with Natural Danish Oil, and then a clear wipe on poly. I normally wax the wood as the last part of my process but with all those carvings in it, I may opt out of that!

I would be careful with steel wool if you are going to use water based finishes. It has the tendency to rust in the process of dry and cure.

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Is that just a dry fit? Why are the gaps so big on the sides? I really like the idea though for xmas gifts

It’s a much cleaner look when assembled.

I have never seen wood grain quite like that. Nice use of it as well.
Be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight when you finish that beauty.
Direct sunlight will cause the wood’s natural colors to fade and change over time to the point of no real color at all.
It’s just a natural process

Yeah, it is a dry fit only. They were just cut out and I hadn’t sanded the tabs on the sides.

Its definitely a unique species for sure. I also use polys that have UV protection in case it’s over exposed to sunlight.