We've added Pine as a material option

A quick Easel update, yesterday Pine was added into the material library! Now you can get a detailed preview with the new texture and the cut settings will give you similar results to MDF.


I’m a novice x-carver relying heavily on Easel’s auto settings for feeds and speeds. However, I wonder why wood species is chosen over Janka wood hardness…possibly because wood species is more commonly recognized?

Definitely species is more recognisable. My favourite example is Balsa wood. One of the softest woods by touch & feel however by species classification it’s a hardwood.

Janka is great but we keep it just by species to make it easier for those who might not be familiar with the scale. Also our cut settings are pretty conservative and instead of pulling them from a straight calculation based on Janka its from actual testing on the machine.

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did pine get removed? I dont see it

can you add oak and cedar please!