Whales are singing to me

Hey everyone! Finally got my X-Carve assembled and did 3 successful test carves. The only issue I have that when it’s moving X and Y axis at the same time (like carving an arc) it makes sounds like whales communicating. Anyone know what may be causing it or is that normal?

I’m thinking maybe my belts are too tight or need to readjust my V wheels. Thanks for any help or tips.

Probably just the steppers making their normal sounds…nothing to worry about. If you can post a video, we’d know for sure.

Okay, thanks for the reply. I’ll try and post a video next couple days.

Yup,what Neil said.
Kind of cool isn’t it?

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My 3d Printer has been singing like that for years, only it sounds like multiple whales.

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Thanks guys! I guess I continue to enjoy the whale sounds.