What a difference the Dewalt makes!


My 24VDC spindle died last month and Inventables upgraded me to the Dewalt (for the difference in cost). On installation of the new mount, I realized that one issue that I had on my previous installed was that the screws attaching the mount to the Delrin nut had backed off a little and since they are hidden behind the spindle I was not able to see the problem.

Anyway, installed the Dewalt without issue (took about 30 minutes - have not dealt with the wiring yet), and ran some tests.

The difference is AMAZING - no chattering, no high pitched whining - just wood milling and it is not as noisy as I thought it would be but does it produce DUST!!

Love, love, love it. For anyone who still has the stock spindle and is thinking of upgrading, think no more. It is well worth the effort.



Welcome to the club.
First job after the dewalt upgrade is a dust boot, second will be side, back & front shields…

With a good dust boot David, you won’t need any shields. :thumbsup:

@JeffParish I’d originally thought so too.

Yes! Just got my 611. What a huge difference. The guys in my shop didn’t even notice the machine was running now. So much quieter, quicker and no chatter.