What about a downgrade?

I’m in the process of getting moved overseas. I won’t have space for my 1000mm machine, so I’ve been thinking about downgrading it to a 500. Other than the maker slide, what else would I need to change? I have a feeling that most of the cables and such would just be extra long. Thanks for any help.

The drag chain might need links removed and you’ll have to set up the parameters for a 500mm machine during setup or manually. I assembled a 750 x 1000 machine and ordered 1000 mm cables for it. The extra isn’t too bad on my 750mm span, but may be unwieldy on a 500.

I totally forgot about the drag chain. But that shouldn’t be too bad I would think, it’s designed to have links taken out and put back in, right? As for the rest of the wires, I have half of a plan so far for a two tier table. CNC on top, controller on a shelf below it, too really conserve space. So if that works, the wires should be somewhat contained.

The only thing you will really need to be aware of is cutting the extrusions. They really need to be cut perfectly square and for most, to an exact length. If one side rail is longer by the other, even by a tiny amount, it will be almost impossible to square it up. Same goes for the waste board frame. Those pieces being exactly the right size, takes you a long way to making a squared up machine.
If you can get them professionally cut, that is what I would recommend.
The drag chain is easily shortened, while the length of the wires is mostly irrelevant. The extra wire can just get tucked away. Or as you mention, get used to move the controller under the table.

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