What about a Porter-Cable 75182 motor?


Is anyone has ever consider the use of a Porter-Cable motor 75182 3-1/4 hp in lieu of a Dewalt 611??


wonder about this one similar specs about 100 less

Hum! it seems to be similar of the Porter-Cable 75182 model… The use of a 3-1/4hp should get a better performance and life expectation than the Dewalt 611???

the x-carve would never handle a router that heavy!!

you could never use it to the full extent on the x-carve

that router just weighs to much

imo you will break your machine if you try that


Thanks for the notice. I have been ready that few people having problem with their Dewalt 611, so what can be an alternative motor? If the Porter-calbe 75812 being to heavy, what would you suggest??


Pssst… I mean reading… not ready…

Instead of a router get a VFD and a 3hp spindle.
They are reasonable and worth the extra cost.

I would defiantly look at the spindle option but keep it sized to the machine

maybe a 1 kw spindle to keep the weight down spindles are heavy

and the thing about a 3 hp (aka 2.2kw) spindle is that its way to much spindle for the X-carve I use a 2.2kw spindle on my big machine cutting up to 800 inches per minute your x-carve will not even come close

so spindle for sure for reliability but sized for your machine or look at the kress spindle motor


Indeed, in order to avoid trouble, I need to get a spindle which the X-carve can handle. I waiting the delivery of my 1000mm unit, Stephen Cook suggest a VFD and a 3 hp spindle, however as you suggest, a AKA 2.2kw might do the job. Where can purchase the AKA unit?

Stephen Cook,

It is my first experience with a CNC machine and I bought a X-carve 1000mm unit. Looking onto VFD spindle it seems that you need to have a control box to come with it, how did you install your VFD spindle to the X-carve ?? Did you retrofit with a different control box than the one provided with your X-carve??

I do not have one yet.
I have been looking into it.
There are others here who do have one and say they are better.
the reason I mention them is that they are small and not as bulky as the router.
They also have better speeds than the one that you can get from Inventables. (Why they do not stock them I do not know).
This is one I was looking at.

What I like about this one is its 2HP and air cooled.
and for the inverter:

Since I am in the US 110 is my outlet voltage.
So depending on where you are in the world will determine the unit you get.
Do your homework. Read and read a lot.
I have read up on them and they seem to be what most if not all pros are using these days.
The routers do not have the lifespan these do.
I am currently using the 300w spindle from inventables.
It can only go up to 10k at the highest. So what I have been doing is looking into the higher power ones. They are not cheap but I am not concerned on that. I want reliability as well as higher power to not have to switch between a router and spindle depending on the work surface…


I am in Canada so the voltage is the same as US. Thanks for the web site au Automation Technologies, it sound interesting. However as per WorkinWood we have to be concern about the weight of the router. Anyhow, I will have a close look at your suggestions.

Right its 2 times heavier.
I would have to beef up my rails then.
There are ways to do that and it would defiantly be a cost issue on a tight budget.


Well for time being, I will stick with the Dewalt 611 to get going with X-Carve despite of some odds reveal by some users. To my knowledge Inventables is providing a rail reinforcement (part of an update) for machine purchase recently. I understand as far as Inventables are concern, the X-carve being an open source system, everyone can add whatever they fill to better the machine. I do assume that the Inventables engineering team must take advantage of several improvement and suggestions made by users over the time. Considering the cost of the X-carve, it is not a $40,0000 piece of equipment, so I will do of what I can with the unit and try to get the best out of it.

Thanks for your comments…


Thanks for your comment, I was a bit concern about the capacity of the Dewalt 611. The Dewalt comes with 1/4in socket. You cannot use 1/2 bore bit. Anyhow, I am told by Inventables that I am getting my X-Carve bits and pieces delivery. It is unfortunate that most of the main components, I will be very lucky if I ever gets it in December… Regards