What about POT adjustments

When I assembled my X-Controller they mentioned something about pot adjustment.
I took the easy way I did nothing to them when assembling it.

Is this a problem and under what circumstances do I need to adjust them?
Everything is working fine but any insight on the workings of POTS would be appreciated.


You’re good with the Xcontroller. No adjustments needed for NEMA23 motors.

The pots control the amount of current that the stepper motor drivers will supply to the stepper motors.

The more current the less likely you will stall if your hit something hard. Eg a knot.
If you over do the current you can burn out your stepper motor. e.g. When you put a 10A and 5A device into a 10A multibox with no fuse(BTW this is how you burn down houses)

On the old controller(pre x-controller) setting the pots too high would cause the stepper motor drivers to shut down in order to cool down to protect them from destroying themselves. With the x-controller this is less likely to happen as the overheads are way higher and the cooling is better.

If you have a meter you can set the x-controller using the test points on the board. You should take the maximum number that you get in the instructions and lower this number by the tolerance of the meter(see its instructions). If you want to be on the safe side knock it down by 10% as Pots like any resistors have tolerances 10% is on the safe side.

Thanks for the info !!