What am i doing wrong. newbie

so i recently purchased a simple 3018 by mostics.

I’m struggling.

so i have a simple project with a letter a in the middle of the a piece of wood 300 x180 as this is my work area on the cnc.

when setting my zero position to the bottom left of the piece of wood, I would expect to see the spindle move to the center of the wood and carving. it does not. it also doesn’t carve in the correct direction as per the project preview.

please help

Take a screenshot of Easel preview and a snapshot of the machine with material, and bit at intended XYZ0 position.
Also test jog distance vs actual distance for each axis, chech if 25mm jog command = 25mm travel.

will do but things got worse.

it started a carving in the correct position then completed changed position part way through. then didn’t finish and returned to start position. may i also add it was carving a mirror of the preview

Mirror image/text = either X or Y axis is reversed.

Your primary issue seem to be your machine is stalling (steppers unable to complete their steps, forces are too large).

Without any information concerning what your material/bit information, rpm, feed rate and depth per pass we can only guess why it is stalling. Help us, so we can help you :slight_smile: