What am i doing wrong?

Hey guys could someone tell me what i am doing wrong here I am trying to cut this desgin out but the tape is in place to protect the paint uncerneath and give me a way to paint inside of the carving once its done

I am using a downcut carbide spiral

50 in/min at .035" doc going to a total depth of .070"

am i using to small of doc for the tape not to flare up?

this should have worked and i am not sure why it didnt


Hard to tell from the picture.
What size bit?
What type of tape?
How did you fasten the work down?


the bit is a .125" onsrud carbide downcut spiral 57-244
the tape is 3m edge lock multi-surface blue masking tape
work piece is attached by carpet tape from the underside

here is after the tape is removed

its not horrible it did a clean cut for the most part but the whole purpose of the tape was to carve through it and paint the carving and then remove the paint showingthe final product

Looks like your bit is really tearing the top of the wood. A downcut bit should not be doing that. Is the bit old (i.e. dull)?
What speed setting are you running the Dewalt at?

Are you positive that it is a downcut bit? Looks like the work of an Upcut bit.

@AllenMassey @MichaelGrigg

yeah its a down cut and it shouldnt be dull it has a little time on it but not a crazy amount

but yeah see thats my problem and really its not to bad of chipping but it is leaving little stringers but i think this made because of the tape lifting up on the first pass i will try and take a better pic

and the dewalt is running at speed setting 1

do you think that the doc i was taking could cause that? or maybe i should try it with tan masking tape that is actually thinner than the blue kind maybe it was just to aggressive of a tape

Have you considered throwing a thin coat of spray shellac on before cutting? If you do that, you can paint the cut and sand away the paint and shellac that remains on top. No need to use tape if you do that.

i second this. i was going to suggest it and he beat me to it

I have never had any luck using tape. It always tears away when I try. Now I just stain and shellac the work before I cut. Then I can paint or stain the cuts and wipe the surface clean.

@RobertA_Rieke @MitchellHerron @AllenMassey

thanks guys could someone post a link to the shellac i have never used that but i will give it a try



thanks allen so let me get this right you can paint right over the shellac after applied?

No. I paint and apply the shellac before carving.

so then how do you paint the carving that you make after painting the whole piece?

I generally have the work surface all one color that is prepared before carving. Then after carving I paint the carved portion and then seal the entire project.


oh okay so you hand paint the carving here is a video of what i am trying to do

So sand and paint your work piece red. Apply three coats of shellac so the work piece has a perfect finish and then cave the letters. Then paint the carved letters white. Any paint on the surface will wipe off.