What am I doing wrong?!

I don’t under stand what is going on.
Have about 15 hours on the machine.
I’ve checked the wheels. Belts are around 5lbs. Adjusted screws, tightened screws. Try to keep it real clean. Changed usb cable to shielded. Watched videos on adjustments did what they said.
I can’t get this thing to cut anything. It even seems to skip steps when I jog it.
What am I doing wrong?! Getting frustrated

Is your Bit square to the waste board?

Some additional context of the images would be nice. I’m assuming that’s a profile cut and it’s stair-stepping.

Is that in the X or Y direction? Does it skip in X or Y during jogging?

Is this a new generation Xcarve?

Check your axis pots on the Xcontroller: http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/1000mm/step8/

It’s is new gen. It’s skips worst on the x axis. During jogging too.
It is a profile cut. And it is stepping.

With the motors locked and the router turned off (even better if unplugged) use your hand to try to move the spindle left/right/forward/backward. If you can move it by hand with a reasonable amount of force then you probably have a lose belt or lose sprocket attached to one of your motors.

You should also check to be sure the voltage to the motors is set correctly.

I can move by hand easily all the time

Can you lock the motors? They should provide a reasonable amount of holding force when energized.

Def a pot issue or a bad controller.
do you move it alot without power? manually?

No. I try not too. Did that once and got scolded!

I can still move it when they are locked

check that setting

go to machine inspector and hit $$
$1 should equal 255
what controller? (did i miss it?)

X controller. New gen

(i cant do it anymore… lol… no scolding… i upgraded to screwdrive and since then it takes 2 hands to move even with stepper unplugged.)

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just re read and saw that…
please post settings and let me know if you touched any dip switches on the board?

Will do! I’ll have to tommorow.
Thank u for your help!

I was real careful when I put the controller together. I shouldn’t have touched anything

cool. waiting for your post…

State of alarm??!
I have to do this from mobile. Hopefully you can read it.