What am I missing here?

im new to cnc and i know this is a probably a stupid question to you. I cant find out how after saving a part in Vcarve Pro how to get it to the Xcarve to cut it out. Should it be an auto pop up or icon on the desktop? I down loaded the x carve post processor this morning for the Vcare Pro from Vectric. What am i not doing or seeing? My computer is a windows 8.

I did get set up last night and ran the test carve with easel with my friends smart phone

I should mention i do not have internet connection in my shop few hundred feet away from the house so this not an easy task walking between the two trying to figure this out.

Search google for universal gcode sender and download the latest version

What is the latest Version? 1.0.7?

I have 1.0.8

Once you download ugs youll click on the universalgcodesender.jar file to open it

ok i tried 1.0.7 and i could not get the machine to anything, The file opens but that’s it. i cant get the machine to home, or jog the x,y, or z. So Ive tried to download 1.0.8 the jar file will not open.3 different sources. Anyone have a good source?

OK so talk me through this as if I am a idiot. Tell me the steps from when I am done in the cad/cam ( v carve pro) to get this to save and run a file. I am thinking i have be over my head here, I am not computer friendly.

i had issues with ugs when i first started using it that sounds like what you are having. it didnt seem to respond to anything i tried

just out of curiousity so you know when you first start ugs the machine is locked. you need to unlock it by going to machine controls tab and clicking the $X button, if you have done this and still not working i have no other advice as thats exactly what mine did and then a couple days later it worked fine

Yes I select that button nothing. When I selected the “Open” and the select any other it will move slightly only enough to feel it and then nothing after that.

What post processor are you using?

the xcarve one from inventables

I had the same issue. Try selecting the highest baud rate available. I think it is 15200 or something like that. When I did that it began working like a champ.

John in customer service found and fixed the problem. Had something to do with jave and my computer. Apparently jave would look like it was installed but it really wasn’t. I don’t know why but it seams to be working now.

I Am have the same problem. My machine is to far to run internet to and I can’t get the Gcode sender to even open on my computer. Do you know what they did for yours? (running windows 7 64)

Sorry i dont know. I wish i could help you on this but way beyond me. I know they had to get inside of the operating system of my computer. Email them i know they can help.