What are my options to plane a cookie

Trying to find some help on planing down a tree cookie that is too big for my planer. Not sure how to secure the cookie to the waste board, other than boards around it. Haven’t find any videos on this matter yet. Any help that can be given on securing and the setting would be great. I’ve only had the Pro for a couple of months. Thnx

Is it possible to hot glue it to the waste board? Or hot glue to a sacrificial board, then secure that to the waste board?

I can try that, also what about using the a sacrificial board and put a couple of screws through the bottom then brace the sacrificial board to the waste board. I just thought of that on your message. Thnx

Yes that sounds like a good why to go also.

Blue painters tape and CA glue.
Contact paw paws workshop.
I think he has a good video on the process.

Thnx Jan I ordered some CA glue & tape to try it.

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