What are people doing with the Bosh Colt router and power

So, I been looking at various sites for ideas and it seems that everyone is happy with manually turning on the spindle and the manually turning it off when the project is complete.

I was thinking that this can be resolved if we used a relay as an added feature to the Arduino? any thoughts?

Thanks, I am still building mine, but have I thought this would be a good topic to talk about.


I don’t think anyone turning on and off manually. This is the way we do. Dewalt or Bosh, same thing. You can purchase DC to AC Relay and wire it as you see on the picture I draw long time ago.

WOW - Thanks Alan, for the quick reply. Thanks this is very HELPFUL.

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I hooked my 611 up that way this weekend, and it’s so much nicer clicking a button to turn on the 611 than having to get up and physically flip the switch.

Just something to think about here… as an extra step of caution, manually switch the power off before placing your hands so close to the working end of the spindle while changing bits.

The thing, in the end, is controlled by a chain of computers and electronics and USB and whatnot… a failure in any of this chain could mean a loss of a finger.

Plus, it is right there… why not.


No way would I change bits with the router plugged in. I want to see it physically disconnected from electricity before I put my hands next to that bit.

I ALWAYS use the power switch on the router. I would never in a million years trust an arduino controlled system to power my router on an off. But, I have been flipping the switch on the router for several years now and it is just a part of the work flow.

It would seem weird and scary to have it automatically come on via web based software and $6 microcontroller.

It’s funny how all of our work flow and safety concerns are different. IT is a great value of this forum.

I was not thinking about how to change the bits. I was asking in general, after the stasting point is established the web page asks to start the spindle… If you use the default spindel, when you clicked the start spindle on the web page it would start. If you have a different kind you must start it manually.

What kind of relay are you guys using? Does anyone have a part # or link?

It’s $9.70. Some how I’m getting Server at limit error message.
You can search on Amazon. DC to AC Solid State Relay.