What are the best bits and feeds from known experience for different matierals?

I know the question sounds very vague but allow me to clear things up a bit. I am still learning about cnc and specifically bits, but cant really find any good clear answers on what bits to use on different materials. Such as what is the best bit for the following materials:

Carbon fiber (fiber reinforced composites)
and Stainless steel if possibly.

Keep in mind the following things when answering, i am still learning and am planning to try a variety of materials just to get experience milling that material. Also money is not much of an issue, i dont mind trying out fairly pricey bits but im not rich to try extremely high end bits. If there are any other materials that arent listed that you have good experience with or any experience, please share any info you have or think would be helpful to others, i would like to know and im sure others would like to know as well. and as always thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, it is greatly appreciated. Again thanks in advance for those who share.

Start here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Materials

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