What are the computer requirements to run the cad software

What are the computer requirements to run the cad software

Which software? If you mean Easel, it’s browser based, and you can probably* run it on the same computer you used to post in this forum. You need to be able to install a Windows or Mac driver, and you need a reasonably up to date compatible browser.

*I can even open Easel with my Android phone, but I wouldn’t be able to design or send a job to the controller.

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Hi Dave! Pulled this from a help article - let us know if you have any other questions!

All of our machines and our Easel software work with Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu Linux.

For optimal results, we recommend using a Google Chrome web browser and a 64-bit Mac, Windows or Ubuntu operating system. We recommend reviewing our full system requirements.

Your laptop or desktop must have a USB port so you can send your files from your computer to X-Carve. Chromebook laptops—and other laptops or tablets without a USB port—cannot be used to send files to your machine. These devices can still be used to create and design files in Easel, but you will need a computer with a USB port for communicating with X-Carve.

:wave: Hi Jesse; Thanks for the information. I have just signed up so that I can learn how to use Easel and was considering trying other CNC machines to dip my toe in the water so to speak. In the UK it is common to see similar many looking machines that appear to be GRBL controlled. UK CNC machines

I downloaded a personal copy of Autodesk’s Fusion 360 but I can see that learning that software is going to take me a while. Then I think it implies that I will know how to turn the resultant CAD into CAM and Gcode. Easel at least is easy to understand and I can see what it is doing at each step.

My first question is do you know if Easel will speak to any of the machines to which I have linked? My second question is will my Mac speak via Easel to the chosen CNC machine directly?
Question three is about laser engraving and does Easel handle that or is only for router control?
That is it for now. Please forgive the newbie questions.

Incidentally, I noticed that in this forum a Mac user was discussing being unable to update the software even though it was being asked for. I use a Mac and my cure for that issue is to temporarily disable SIP. The acronym refers to System Integrity Protection which prevents ordinary users and administrators from altering any of the system files. OSX El Capitan (10.11) and later introduced SIP.

To disable SIP temporarily, shutdown the computer and reboot it. Before the gong sound hold down the command key [⌘] + [R] and the Mac will boot into its recovery mode screen. Let the keys go after the apple symbol appears. Under the application bar heading for Applications/Utilities select Terminal. In the terminal window enter csrutil disable in lower case with a single space between the words and then press the [return] key. Finally type in the terminal window the command reboot and press the [return] key.

At this stage the machine will reboot as normal but it will have no SIP gatekeeper preventing software from being updated or downloaded. Once the software update is completed repeat the process of entering the recovery screen as before and then select the terminal to enter the command csrutil enable followed by pressing the [return] key and then entering in the terminal window the command reboot which is followed by the [return] key again. The reboot will then have put the machine back to normal and any software that could not previously be updated will have been able to sidestep the SIP process. Hope this is useful to any Mac users.