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What are the computer requirements to run the cad software

What are the computer requirements to run the cad software

Which software? If you mean Easel, it’s browser based, and you can probably* run it on the same computer you used to post in this forum. You need to be able to install a Windows or Mac driver, and you need a reasonably up to date compatible browser.

*I can even open Easel with my Android phone, but I wouldn’t be able to design or send a job to the controller.

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Hi Dave! Pulled this from a help article - let us know if you have any other questions!

All of our machines and our Easel software work with Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu Linux.

For optimal results, we recommend using a Google Chrome web browser and a 64-bit Mac, Windows or Ubuntu operating system. We recommend reviewing our full system requirements.

Your laptop or desktop must have a USB port so you can send your files from your computer to X-Carve. Chromebook laptops—and other laptops or tablets without a USB port—cannot be used to send files to your machine. These devices can still be used to create and design files in Easel, but you will need a computer with a USB port for communicating with X-Carve.