What are the spindle machine settings for XCP?

I just noticed it was set to Dewalt…

Also, was are the default spindle RPMs for the XCP?

I don’t Know the answer, however, the max rpm should be set in thr grbl settings.

so you can go to machine>general settings>machine inspector and scroll down to settings and see what the $30 value is.

The $30 is the setting for max rpm :man_shrugging:

Also the spindle type doesn’t actually effect anything accept being a visual for the user, as long as it’s set to “automatic” and the appropriate rpm is entered, then your spindle with work the same whether is set to dewalt or 24v spindle :+1:

Thanks Seth, do you know if the XCP is the “24V DC Spindle”?

I thought that the automatic speeds and feeds were calculated in Easel by what spindle you were using as the XCP has a much more powerful option. Are automatic settings in easel based on less powerful spindles like the dewalt?

Yes, the spindle on XCP is 24v, but no, the spindle selection has no effect on the automatic cut settings and speed (rpm) must be set manually on that general settings screen…

I believe that automatic setting defaults are universal for all users and they are based on the Standard Xcarve and a bit conservative for that as well…

@CurtSchulz What’s the project and what’s your stock material? As @SethCNC said, the default “automatic” settings are very conservative.

Pine, maple, Baltic birch ply. I was hoping that inventables would have more dialed in settings for the additional power with the XCP. Is there a working document or spreadsheet where XCP users submit speeds and feeds for different materials?

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