What are the typical settings for X-carve with UGS

What are the typical settings for X-cave with grbl 0.9i using universal gcode sender

for the shapeoko 2 there was a list on the wiki you then typed $$ to confirm settings

but no info on x-carve , just told try easel. As nice as easel is, i would still like to use UGS.
so is the settings same as shapeoko 2 and are there different settings if you have acme rod , limit switches,500 mm or 1000 mm makerslide

I have updated this to include the version of gbrl that X-Carve has at this time. Also of note, there are other threads asking very similar question’s


I have these same questions, When I built the SO2 there was a detailed explanation of how to set the Grbl configuration before trying the “Hello World” checkout. I have not found anything similar for the X-carve

Easel has a machine setup walk through for the X-Carve. It will set all the parameters to the defaults for the machine you have.

I have been using Easel for a long time now and I have never seen that screen! No wonder I am so confused. So how can Easel tell I updated by old SO2? The electronics are all the same.

You should upgrade to grbl 0.9i first. I think everything will be OK. It even checks and fixes things like motors going the wrong way.

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For those of us who couldn’t get Easel to work on their computers, or who have no internet access in their workshops - has anyone got an answer to the original question: What are the typical settings for the X-Carve with UGS?

I am sorry, but I don’t have a machine handy today (Sunday) to cut and past the $$ settings from. The best I can do is attach the default.h file we use for grbl on X-Carve. Open the file in a text editor and scroll down to the X_Carve defined settings.

defaults.h (18.9 KB)

Thanks. I should have clarified - I didn’t need this right this second. I’m a ways down the list - 25 April order, it will be a bit longer until I have the machine on hand.

I just discovered Hex Uploader

That should make it easy to load the new version of Grbl.

I installed Easel local to get the default settings setup but I am getting the message that it cannot find myprog.exe when it tries to run.

This does not seem to be an executable that is available in Windows 7. Why would it need it if it was not included in the easel local package?


Scott, this thread seems to have meandered around a bit. Are you trying to run Easel, or UGS, or ??

I prefer to use UGS to control the machine off-line. But was trying to use EaselLocal to configure my Grbl 0.9 upgrade that I just performed.


Did you ever get the G-code settings or figure them out?

I am using Linux and also want to (have to) run the UGS to run my x-carve.

I CAN figure it out, but if you already have, I’d LOVE to start with YOUR settings - yep, I’m being lazy. I just finished my build and have “test-run” the x-axis, so I am “talking” to the motors.

My machine is for work and my wife has banned it from the house since I already work 12-14 hours a day. I’m trying to get it up and running – without being able to work on it at home, my build took 2 weeks. I don’t want to spend another 2 weeks “tweeking” software…