What are the X-Carve Quiet Cut Spindle Requirements?

With the Black Friday deal going on, I am really considering the X-Carve. Unfortunately, living in NYC, there are some noise concerns. I have seen the quiet cut spindle, and I am aware that it does WORK on the X-carve, but there is no info about it ANYWHERE about how to use it, does anyone have some info on it? I would much rather have the option of the quiet cut spindle of I am able to!
Also what is the difference? What materials will be removed from the capabilities of the machine (if any)?


I use the 48v, 400w QC spindle. I’m very happy with it, partly as it is very quiet. My shop vac is much louder than the spindle. I haven’t tried it with aluminum but it is doing great with various hard woods and cast acrylic. I’m planning on getting a Dewalt but it only due to the increased speed that it brings.

Awesome! If you could, do you have any information on what is needed to use the QCS?
It runs on 48V, so I have drafted a quick list below, and I would appreciate if you (or anyone) could LMK if it is what I need to use the spindle, and if I need anything else.

Now for a couple questions:

  1. Is the spindle manually turned on or turned on by the machine like the default X-Carve Spindle?
  2. Do you need the standard, 24V Power supply as well, or just the 48V?
  3. What are the disadvantages to the QCS?
  4. The 24V power supply comes with the “interface PCB / cover plate” does the 48V too? Or do you loose the PCB if you buy the 48V?
  5. Is the relay necessary?
  6. Do I need the 350 or 400 Watt Power Supply?
  7. Is there anything else that I am missing from the list above? Anything else I should know?
  8. From what it says on the site, the QCS is 300W… Is yours different?

Thanks so much!

I got the 48VDC quiet cut spindle with my Shapeoko 2 last February. I’ve had absolutely no problem with it and it is quiet - until you start cutting something. What you’ll find with any spindle is the bit carving through the material will make most of the noise.

I recently updated to a DeWalt DWP611 router which isn’t very loud, so it’s something to consider. Again, the bit carving the material will make most of the noise.

So do you think it’s not worth the trouble trying to keep the noise down with the QC spindle?
I was considering making a “sound-proof” chamber to help keep noise down, it seems like a better option, but it is also a very bulky alternative.


It sounds like you live in a apartment and have rules about noise, etc. I doubt anyone could hear the QC spindle through the wall, but the sound of the bit cutting any time of wood will be much louder than the spindle itself. In an apartment situation, I’d think an enclosure is the best answer.

Haha, I don’t live in an apartment, but I like to be courteous to my neighbors, so I would prefer to keep the noise down. Quick question - The DW611 that comes with the X-Carve, is that the yellow one? Or the custom Inventables one?

Yeah, I think I will be building an enclosure though.

If you have any appreciable space around you, I doubt you’ll need a great amount of noise reduction to keep your neighbors happy.

Based on the photo of XCarve, it’s yellow like most DeWalt tools.

Interesting. I just read the discontinued the old 24V spindle because it was unpredictable and didn’t work well. I guess I’ll get the DWP611.

I was really surprised about the issues they had with the 24VDC spindle. I’ve had the 48V version since last February and never had a problem at all with it. They offer the 48V spindle, so that would be an option but, again, the cutting bit will create most of the noise.

Michael, let’s see how this does for your questions.

  • First, no need for the DWP611 mount. The QC spindle uses the same mount as the other stock spindles (the same spindle that used to come standard with the X-carve). I think that you’ll want 30546-01.
  • I don’t use a speed controller. I was going to build my own, but have found no need for it.
  • I also have a relay but have not installed it as I have been happy with a switch instead. By controlling it manually, I have a little bit of extra control. The switch is installed on the 48v power line to the spindle so that the power supply has uninterrupted power (preventing the power-on surge).
  • You will need two power supplies - 24v for the steppers and arduino/g-shield and 48v if you get the 48v spindle. If you get the 24v QC spindle, you can run it all off of one 24v power supply.
  • The disadvantage of the 48v QC spindle is limited only to the power - it has less power than the DWP611. I have not had a problem with that, but the QCS is slower than the Dewalt.
  • The interface PCB/cover plate is helpful for the 24 power supply. You don’t need one (and shouldn’t use one) for the 48v supply.
  • The power of the power supply is based largely on your spindle.
  • I believe that my QCS is 400w, though I see that now you can only get 300w or 600w.

Hope this helps,

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