What are ya'll using to clean your machines?

I’s like to know what everyone is using to clean their x-carves. After an extended carve, I generally use compressed air to blow the dust out of the spindle, off the extrusions and belts and out of the drag chain. I’ve noticed an almost waxy build-up on the extrusion and idler wheels after carving pine that doesn’t just flake off with the compressed air. What is safe for the belts as far as a cleaner goes??? Something as simple as windex? Can’t find any recommendations on the site…

Vacuum, old style pipe cleaner and a toothbrush. I don’t use anything wet to clean the wheels and extrusions.

A great thing to use would be an electronic spray / degreaser. It’s safe for electronics, so you can spray it right on the circuit board, and it will evaporate in front of your eyes. They also work great to break down and get rid of crap that has mixed with grease, and once again evaporate so nothing is left behind. I personally haven’t tried it on a CNC machine, but it’s my favorite thing to use on RC cars.

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I’m sure there are a ton of evaporating sprays out there, but this stuff works really good: http://www.cowrc.com/store/#!/MOO-Kleen-NO-789/p/14380716/category=12842156

I use SimpleGreen on everything. My university uses it on the big CNC machines and mills, although they don’t have belts, so I assumed it was safe for me to use on the XCarve.

My main concern is with the belts, being they are so critical to the accuracy of the X-Carve, I don’t want to use anything that may be softening or hardening them. Would like to know if there is anything out there which the belt are impervious to, no questions.

I use a toothbursh and an aircompressor, it will get everything off.

Air compressor to blow loose stuff away, then a quick wipe with denatured alcohol to get the stickies.

I’ve found that a simple microfiber cloth works great for belts.

Same here cheap and it works very well.

thanks, Gentlemen!