What are your thoughts on Yonico?

Hey guys what are your thoughts on Yonico tools

I ordered 1 of them a few weeks back and I was curious because they are china made and priced accordingly but the one I bought seemed to work decent

there is no chipload info on them which sucks

but I ordered 3 more today for a upcoming job so I guess we will see

do you have any experience?

these images are just 2 images of random tools

The thing is like in this tool that have it and its alot cheaper than other tool manufactures I use and I know you get what you pay for but these cheaper tools do allow you to have a ball sorta in the game at a cheaper price



They also have a wide selection of regular router bits but I heard that the shanks are a little short which makes them hard to use

FWIW I use the Yonico down cut 1/8" bits with 1/4" shank and love them. I use them in 1/2" oak for a really nice surface finish. But, I cannot compare them to competitive bits, because they are the only ones I have used. So far, after several hundred profile cuts, they are performing well.

I looked at them a couple weeks ago. I need a 1/8" downcut that will cut through 3/4" material. I have a 1/4" bit that will but for some things it doesn’t cut tight in corners like I’d like. Can’t find a 1/8" long enough.


I am with you on that its hard to find a 1/8" that long because a general rule of tool manufactures is that you do not go x4 over the tool diameter in length

but there are tools that I use as a work around for this 46180-k tool

including this tool but beware you really need to clearance out the material around the profile and really only use the tool to clean up the corners or what you are cutting


Here is an example of pocketing around the profiles that you need

I use the 1/8" straight cut from inventables to cut through now. I’ve prefer a down cut for a cleaner cut up top and less clean up on the edge.

I dropped one on the floor and it broee in half. did I mention it was brammd new.

lol well thats pretty much any carbide tool

and yeah I have been there

here is a pic to help you out


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I’ve been using a couple of them and had no problems…

I also use whiteside with a great results.

I have to say that they have some decent packaging

but the 3/8" tool that I got has a really short shank lots of people have been saying that the shanks are short

I really dont want to use a collet plug