What bit do I suggest for acrylic?

Hello dear friends!
I wonder what bit to use to cut my toppers in 3mm thick acrylic? Examples in the photos.
Thank you!

to be 100% honest a laser is going to be the tool for that

that being said you want to look for single o-flute tools with a mirror finish



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I’ve used 1/8" single flute straights before. Took me awhile to learn to run it fast enough to cut chips and not make swarf.

I have a single speed router @ 10k rpm, so I had to run my jobs at 60+ ipm. Make a few test pieces to play with your settings.

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@WorkinWoods Thanks for your honesty. I had no idea that just with the laser the finishing was so perfect. For now I will continue to cut toppers in birch plywood.
Sorry about my English.

Greetings and a good weekend.

@DamnitJim When I bought my X-carve came along (Solid Carbide 2 Flute Straight End Mill) I’ll have to try it and see the end result.

Thanks and great weekend.

Best Regards from Portugal